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As a leading synthetic rope manufacturer, our mission is to transform traditional heavy steel into Lightweight synthetic possibly and try our best to work for a safer, smarter world.

In order to provide you safer, lighter, stronger rope solution, we manufacture rope/sling, webbing with UHMWPE(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fiber. the strongest fiber in the world.

Our synthetic rope solutions available for industry such as 4×4 off road, winch, marine,lifting,tug towing, military etc.

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    Ropes made with UHMWPE fiber is a safer alternative to steel wire rope and chain. When broken, the low kinetic energy make it wont fly back in a snake-like manner. lesser recoil force makes less hazardous break. It help prevent bodily injury or death to workers nearby. There is also no sharp edges created, drastically reduce the risk and work fatigue when workers handle and carry them. Its a safer option to those companies professional in off-road recovery, winch, towing, lifting, mooring etc.


    Rope made with UHMWPE Fiber is an incredibly lightweight solution than steel wire rope. 8 times lighter in same diameter. Only 1/8 weight of the steel cable. Also it can float over the water for more applications available.Due to light-weight, it is easier to carry and transport, and reduces the risk and save labor time and cost.


    Rope with UHMPWE fiber is lightweight, more flexible and extremely easy to handle than wire rope.

    Due to its flexibility, its easier, faster, and safer to make the splice eyes on both ends. Reinforced eyes can help add extra durability.

    It also does not become brittle and hard. It makes long-term use possible. The UHMWPE synthetic rope require less maintenance.

    Easier and efficient works make less work time & lower cost investment possible.


    Rope made with UHMWEP fiber is marvelously strong & durable. For corresponding weight, Synthetic Rope in UHMWPE fiber is 9times stronger than steel wire rope weight for weight.It has maximum strength with lightest weight. Not only offer outstanding tensile strength, but also have extreme low stretch, high abrasion resistance and superior flex fatigue. Its a safer and reliable solution for many industries.


    Through Innovation and close partnership with our customers, our custom synthetic rope, sling, webbing solutions can meet your needs


    Trustworthy Brand

    Our brand, Rehoboth, is becoming a trustworthy brand worldwide. As a leading rope manufacturer of syntheic UHMWPE rope, our products are exported to more than 30 countries and feedbacks are positive. Transforming heavy into light is our unchanging mission

    High Quality

    With 16+ years of manufacturing experience and international certifications, it is impossible to cut corners and provide low quality products. Top materials and know-how in rope industry ensure our ropes have superior quality and durability.

    Competitive Price

    As we minimize our profits, focus on long-term business & custom solutions, it is possible to offer affordable prices. Excellent service life and performance greatly reduce the frequency of purchase, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

    Guaranteed Logistics

    Through continuous improvement, our own logistics system has been developed. We have experienced partners to ensure that even if in emergence, the goods can arrive on time. We know how important it is for our customers.

    Fast Production

    We’re a professional rope factory for over 16 years. Have more than 60 experienced workers and advanced rope making equipments. For urgent orders, production can be completed within 3-5 days.

    Excellent Customer Service

    We provide 24/7 Available customer service. Standard pre-sales and after-sales service ensure every customer question can be answered and resolved in a short time. Not just meeting customers’ expectations, but exceeding them.

    Easy & Clear


    If a new customer who likes to purchase our rope products, you must have a lot of concerns. Considering this, our standard ordering process will be helpful; It makes customer’s purchase easy and fast. Meanwhile, it minimizes communication time and costs.

    Step 1

    Define Rope Solution & Confirm Special Requirements (3-7 days)

    It is very important to understand the rope details and special requirements of clients’ projects.

    Step 2

    Prepare Rope Sample and Arrange Delivery (5~7days)

    Usually, we prepare sample for customers to evaluate before placing orders. Clients can try it out and check the quality.

    Step 3

    Confirm Order and Production (10~20days)

    After customer pay the deposit, the production will be arranged. Videos and pictures about production conditions Will be provided.

    Step 4

    Approval and Shipment (7~30days)

    After production, detailed pictures of product & packaging will be sent for final Inspection. Once approved, the goods will be shipped out.

    Step 5

    After-sale service

    As soon as the goods arrive, we will contact with our customers and check the condition of the goods package.
    If any problem after sale, our manager will be in touch and offer a perfect solution.

    Syntheitc Rope Making Process

    1. Twisting

    Twist(spin) the synthetic fibers into yarns

    2. Forming

    Twist(spin) the synthetic fibers into yarns

    3. Laying

    Twist(spin) the synthetic fibers into yarns

    4. Rope Coating

    it makes the fibers fit more tightly, enhances the wear resistance, improve Tensile Strength, provide excellent UV stability offer protection against salt, chemical and Impacts..

    5. Rope Drying

    Indoor drying: use the thermostatic dryer or natural indoor drying Outdoor drying: drying until the rope is completely dry inside

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