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To provide the highest quality off road rope and recovery gear and affordable 4×4 off road, overland solutions. our synthetic off road rope products are designed and engineered to be lightweight, strong and flexible to get your vehicle unstuck form sand, mud, snow. Make your four-wheel drive recovery safer and smarter and easier.

Synthetic Winch Rope

Made from UHMWPE fiber( known as dyneema)Extremely light, float in water,minimal stretch and non-rotation.easy to handle, splice, no sharp frays.a must for 4×4 off road and motorsaports.

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Double Braided Winch Cable

The Core with UHMWPE fiber and cover with polyester fiber, double braided construction ensures rotation or kink of rope will not occur, meanwhile it maintains ultra high breaking strength of the rope.

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Winch Rope Extension

The extension rope is for situation where your nearest anchor point further than the length of existing synthetic winch can be used with a snatch block, and many other options of 4×4 off road recovery.

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Soft Shackle

Synthetic soft shackle made from UHMWPE fiber( known as dyneema), so it’s very light&compact.Due to its flexibility,can be used everywhere,even if at different access locations.replacement to steel shackle.

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Recovery Strap

Recovery Strap made of Nylon or Polyester and has reinforced loop ends to ensure a strong, safe and durable use. it is not only for towing or recovering cars, 4×4 ATVs/Jeep/boats, but also for pulling equipment. For different applications, we have developed snatch strap, tow strap, winch extension strap, tree saver and equalizer strap.

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Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

Made of double braided nylon fiber is in supperior strength,good durablity. the right elongation for safe and effetive removal a wide range of stuck vehicles. unstuck from mud,snow,sand while 4×4 off road adventure.

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Bridle/Equaliser Rope

Rehoboth bridle/equalizer rope is made of 12 strand ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), also known as Dyneema, is designed to evenly distribute the weight on your vehicle during your recovery operation when connected to 2 recovery points. Allows safe movement of 4×4 off road vehicles.

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4X4 Offroad Recovey Kit

Dedicated to be a solution provider of 4X4 off-road ropes, we have developed off-road recovery kit for your choice. One-stop purchasing service make your purchase easy and cost-effective. Custom recovery kits also available.

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Off Road Accessories & Hardware

In order to meet the needs of customers, we also provide some accessories related to 4X4 off-road, such as winch hook, thimble, snatch block, snatch ring, d-ring shackle, fairlead, hitch receiver, trailer hitch ball mount etc

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