Double Braided Winch Cable

  • Black Double Braid winch cable 400x400

The core of our double briaded winch cable is made of 12 strand UHMWPE(compare to dyneema, spectra or amsteel). the jacket made of HT polyester or uhmwpe fiber. can be used for jeep,atv,utv winch towing. due to its extreme wear resistance, it has longer service life than normal winch rope, and also easy to clean and store.

  • Material: UHMWPE fiber

  • Construction: 12 strand

  • Specific Gravity: 0.975

  • Melting Point : 150º C

  • Double Braided Rope

heavy duty winch rope color

HT Polyester,UHMWPE fiber
16,24,32-plaited double braided
12 strand UHMWEPE fiber

Double braided winch cable is a safe, durable and cost-effective off-road recovery solution, and the core of the synthetic winch cable is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (similar to Dyneema, Spectra), and the sheath can be woven from polyester or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a combination that ensures that the winch line will not spin or kink, while maintaining its ultra-high strength. Accessories such as hooks, snatch block, winch fairlead, stainless steel thimbles are also available.

  • 7 x lighter than steel wire rope at same diameter

  • No water absorbtion / floats

  • Pre-stretched and quick and easy to splice

  • No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum

  • Smooth and tight, high breaking load

  • Protective jacket provides ultimate abrasion resistance and UV protection

  • Replacement for traditional steel wire cable

  • Extremely lightweight makes it easy to use, Floats in water, Torque-free.










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Breaking Strength


Breaking Strength


5 13/16 1.70 16.62 ± 5% 2.00 19.00
8 5/16 4.10 40.00 ± 5% 6.35 63.00
9 23/64 5.10 50.5 ± 5% 7.83 78.00
9.5 3/8 5.60 55.75 ± 5% 8.32 83.00
10 13/32 6.10 61.00 ± 5% 9.32 93.00
12 1/2 8.80 87.00 ± 5% 12.12 121.00
14 9/16 12.00 119.00 ± 5% 15.40 153.00
16 5/8 15.50 151.00 ± 5% 20.60 205.00
18 3/4 19.00 190.00 ± 5% 23.90 238.00
20 13/16 23.00 225.00 ± 5% 28.99 238.00
22 7/8   28.00  276.00 ± 5% 33.00  322.00 

other sizes of winch line are available on request.
if you still have no idea how to choose the sizes of winch line, please let us know your requirements, it also can be custom-made.

  • Mooring Rope

  • Cable Pulling

  • Lifting Sling

  • Tow Rope

  • Helicopter Long Line

  • Steel Wire Rope Replacment


our Double Braided Winch Cable is made in China. As one of the earliest china rope manufacturers and suppliers, we have focused on producing performance synthetic rope for more than 16 years.

The core of the double briaded winch cable and synthetic winch rope is the same. bother are made of UHMWPE fiber.                                                                    but double braided  rope has an extra jacket than synthetic winch rope. so it is more wear-resistant.                                                                                                under the same using environment, the service life will be longer. synthetic winch rope will feel softer than double braided winch cable.

Normally we assume that your double braided winch cable will lose about  1.6-2% of  rope rated strength every year. According to this rule, the winch cable used for 10 years will have lost about 16-20% of its rated capacity, which warn you  that the winch cable should be replaced. please also note the service life is also depends on how often you use and the harshness of the using environment.

If you do 4×4 winching and pulling work frequently and pay close attention about weight, double braided winch cable can be a better  option as it is much lighter & easy to handle than steel wire rope.  No sharp burrs happen like wire rope, and doesn’t store as much potential energy under load as well.

Yes, our Double Braided Winch Cable can be Customized in different diameters ,lengths and colors. special requirements are available.

The main sizes of double braided winch cable used for 4×4 offroad as below:

3/8″ x 90′        7/16″ x 100′        1/4″ x 50′        5/16″ x 50′      1/2″ x 80′

The anser is YES!  the OEM service and private label can be provided as request. we only apply a samll MOQ and can do it in low cost for you.

Yes, the recovery bag can be custom-made with double briaded winch cable ,soft shackle, winch rope extension, tow strap, gloves and shovel etc.


I have good feedback from customers which are using your synthetic winch cable, it is not customers from street, it is champions of the Europe races, that is very nice… rope is strong.I think next year will be better sales for this synthetic cable for winch.

Leo From Lithuania

Yes, have checked some of synthetic winch cables and am happy with them. thanks for your help and making the process esay. will be in touch and hopefully with next order soon. kind regards

Ryan From Australia

yes, the synthetic winch cable works hardy and is in good quality. I’m extremely happy with them and has exceeded my expectations.

Paul From Belgium

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