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Double Braided Winch Cable

√ only 1/6 weight of steel wire rope in same size
√ extreme abrasion resistance
√ Longer service life than regular winch rope
√ Excellent tenacity and stability
√ A safer alternative to steel wire rope


The core of Rehoboth double braided winch cable is made of 12 strand ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (known as dyneema). The outer jacket is made of HT polyester or UHMWPE fibers. Used for winch towing of Jeeps, ATVs and UTVs. Due to its extreme abrasion resistance, it has a longer service life than regular synthetic winch lines.

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Rehoboth double braided winch cable is a great wire rope alternative and several benefits are provided

• 6 x lighter than steel wire rope at same diameter
• No water absorption
• Pre-stretched and quick and easy to splice

• No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum
• Smooth and tight, high breaking load
• Protective jacket provides ultimate abrasion resistance and UV protection

• Replacement for traditional steel wire cable
• Extremely lightweight makes it easy to use, Torque-free.
• Long service life due to great wear resistance
• It will not fray or flatten


Up to 200%

Better wear-resistance than ordinary one

Up to 300%

Longer service life than single braided one.

Up to 200%

Easier to store and clean.


◎ Material: core: UHMWPE fiber jacket:polyester or UHMWPE fiber
◎ Elongation Percentage: 3%~5%
◎ Melting Point : 150º C
◎ Water Absorption: None
◎ UV Resistance: Excellet

◎ Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
◎ Chemical Resistance: Very Good
◎ MBL:Minimum Breaking Load
◎ Other sizes are available upon request
◎ Custom lengths available.


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Breaking Strength
Breaking Strength
5 13/16 1.70 16.62 ± 5% 2.00 19.00
8 5/16 4.10 40.00 ± 5% 6.35 63.00
9 23/64 5.10 50.5 ± 5% 7.83 78.00
9.5 3/8 5.60 55.75 ± 5% 8.32 83.00
10 13/32 6.10 61.00 ± 5% 9.32 93.00
12 1/2 8.80 87.00 ± 5% 12.12 121.00
14 9/16 12.00 119.00 ± 5% 15.40 153.00
16 5/8 15.50 151.00 ± 5% 20.60 205.00
18 3/4 19.00 190.00 ± 5% 23.90 238.00
20 13/16 23.00 225.00 ± 5% 28.99 238.00
22 7/8  28.00  276.00 ± 5% 33.00 322.00

Note: Other sizes of winch line are available upon request.
If still no idea how to choose the sizes of winch line, please advise the specific requirements,  our winch rope can be custom-made also.


Yachting & Sailing Rope
Cable Pulling
Lifting Sling
◎ Tow Rope
◎ Helicopter Long Line
◎ Steel Wire Rope Replacement



Twist (spin) the synthetic uhmwpe(known as dyneema)fibers into yarns


Twist the finished yarns into strands


12 strands are twisted into rope

Rope Coating

The glue coating makes the fibers fit more tightly, enhances the wear resistance, improve Tensile Strength, provide excellent UV stability offer protection against salt, chemical and Impacts make the rope into various colors

Rope Drying

Ensure complete drying of synthetic rope for winch through indoor drying and outdoor drying.

Braiding Jacket

24,32-plait double braided jacket will be made in this process.

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Eye splice double braided rope

Cut the finished ropes into desired length, then make the Eyes splice. You can also add the thimble and hook to it.


We ensure only qualified ropes are released from our warehouse

6MM Breaking Strength: 30.8KN
10MM Breaking Strength: 91.5KN
12MM Breaking Strength: 131.3KN
For rope test videos, check our YOUTUBE channel


Our double braided winch cable is made in China. As one of the earliest china rope manufacturers, we have focused on producing performance synthetic rope for more than 16 years.

The core of the double braided winch cable and synthetic WINCH CABLE is the same. both are made of UHMWPE fiber, but double braided winch cable has an extra jacket than synthetic winch rope. so it is more wear-resistant. under the same using environment, the service life will be longer. synthetic winch rope will feel softer than double braided winch cable.

Usually, we believe that your double braided winch cable will lose about 1.6-2% of the rope’s rated strength each year. According to this rule, a winch rope that has been used for 10 years will lose about 16-20% of its rated capacity, which reminds you that you should replace your double braided winch cable. Please also note that the service life also depends on how often you use it and whether the usage environment is harsh.

Since the raw material of core is the same as regular synthetic winch rope, the elongation rate is also about 3.5%

Frankly speaking, the exact warranty time is not easy to give. As you know, the service life has a lot to do with the use environment and operation instruction. If you use it in a good environment and do normal care, double braided synthetic winch cable can be used for 3~4 years or longer.

Any warranty claim must be accompanied by 1. proof of purchase and 2 full details of the defect(including pictures or videos)

We will not compensate if it is caused by human error

The first layer of our double braided winch cable wrapped with jacket protection to prevent heat soak of the winch body. When re-spooling the winch rope, make sure that this protected part of the rope sits neatly against the drum and has a full layer across the width of the drum.

Yes, Our double braided synthetic rope for winch can be customized in different diameters, lengths and colors. Customized accessories such as hooks, thimbles, and nose end lug are also available.

First, our equipment has the function of automatic detection, when there is a process problem there will be an alarm.

Secondly, we have appearance inspection process to check whether the coloring and the appearance of the product meet the standard requirements.

Finally, we will sample each batch of rope for internal break tensile testing or entrust a third-party to test. to eliminate the flow of unqualified products and ensure that only qualified double braided synthetic winch cable can be shipped to customers.

The answer is “YES“. We can provide OEM services and private labeling upon request. We require very low minimum order quantities and can provide you with a cost effective service.

Yes, the recovery bag can be customized with double braided synthetic winch cable, soft shackle, steel shackle, fairlead, gloves and shovel etc.

It depends on purchase quantity. For example, 100 pieces of 10mm*30m winch rope, it can be finished within 15 days.

Usually we will put the finished ropes into plastic bags and put labels with written size of the winch cable on it, then put them into carton boxes and mark the rope size and quantity on the carton boxes for easy identification. We can also do custom packaging upon request.

We can transport the packed goods by sea, air, land and rail upon request. Usually by air, it takes about 3~5days. By sea, it will take 20~35days, by rail, it takes 30~45days, by land, 5~15days. We will ensure goods can be delivered on time.

Yes, sample rope is available. Contact Us and get it now.