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Is UHMWPE Rope Insulated?

Is UHMWPE(known as dyneema) Rope Insulated? Let’s take a look at it in this article

The high tensile strength and low elongation of the UHMWPE rope can effectively improve the bearing capacity and control the slack of the rope.
It has good insulation and moisture-proof performance, which can ensure the safety of people and equipment during the construction process of live spanning.

The unit weight is light (the diameter and strength of the UHMWPE rope can be the same as that of the steel wire rope, but its weight is only 15% of that of the steel wire rope), which can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

The characteristics of UHMWPE(known as Dyneema) rope’s resistance to bending fatigue, UV resistance and chemical corrosion resistance provide good conditions for the rope to be widely used.

UHMWPE(known as Dyneema) rope is made of high molecular polyethylene fiber and advanced mechanical technology in the industry. The core is made of high-quality UHMWPE(known as dyneema) raw materials and woven into 12 strand and then woven with insulating glue. It is organically combined with the wear-resistant advantages of high-strength wire, and is suitable for winch, 4×4 Off road, electric construction, large-scale hoisting, live work, marine mooring, tug work, large-scale engineering and other fields.

The main features of the power UHMWPE rope are: wear resistance, insulation, light weight and large tensile force, so it is favored by customers in the power industry.

Details of UHMWPE traction rope:

UHMWPE electric traction rope has been recognized by users with its excellent quality, practical value of use and good after-sales service, and has formed a certain reputation. The application of UHMWPE electric traction rope in power grid construction is mainly reflected in the following advantages:

  1. In areas with difficult operation, it is used as the first-level pay-off with the loading of paragliders, remote control airships, helicopters, etc. When the breaking strenfth is close to one ton, the diameter of the UHMWEP electric traction rope is only 3mm, and the weight per meter is only 4.5 grams. It has been more and more widely used.
  2. The heavy-duty UHMWPE electric traction rope floats on the water, and the strength is the same as that of the steel cable when the diameter is equal. This method greatly improves the wiring efficiency across the river.
  3. It is used as safety net carrying cable and traction cable in live spanning. Due to the light weight of UHMWPE electric traction rope (unit length at equal strength, the weight is only 1/8 of the steel cable. And the insulation is good. , has passed the 640Kv withstand voltage test). UHMWPE electric traction ropes have been widely used in live spanning projects. The application in balancing spans, towers, insulation, hoisting, safety ropes of tower equipment, etc., ensures the safety of construction personnel& equipment, improves the efficiency of construction.

The features of Electric traction rope | Electric pay-off rope:

  1. The material is high-strength ultra-high molecular polyethylene (known as Dyneema) fiber.
  2. Light weight, high strength, convenient and fast operation.
  3. 12-strand braided anti-twist structure, low extension, fast and safe operation.
  4. The resin post-treatment on the rope and the protection of the sheath not only facilitates the repair and maintenance, but also improves the service life and makes the investment more effective.
  5. The withstand voltage insulation brings more convenience to the construction without power failure, and is an ideal product for live crossing at present.

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