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Kinetic Recovery Rope

√ Lightweight equipment
√ Flexible and very easy to handle
√ High Tensile Strength
√ Great abrasion resistance
√ A safer alternative to tow strap


Rehoboth Kinetic Recovery Rope is made of high-tenacity nylon fiber with HT polyester cover, offering right amount of stretch for safe and effective removal of a wide range of stuck 4×4 off road vehicles like jeep,atv,utv,truck etc..

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Rehoboth Kinetic Recovery Rope has a lot of benefits for 4×4 off road recovery:

• Allows for an even pull during recoveries
• Stronger and durable than traditional tow strap
• Excellent abrasion resistance & UV resistance
• Easy to handle, it does not kink, curl, or have burrs that lead to nasty cuts

• it’s also safer than tow strap due to high stretch ability.
• It can absorb shock loads effectively
• No difference in tensile strength when wet or dry
• Elongation up to 30% make it can store and transfer more energy

• Save recovery Time and make recovery more efficient
• Ability to mitigate shock forces
• absorb the energy of the towing


More Durabale

Longer lasting due to dual layers structure

Much Safer

The higher stretch ability provides a softer recovery

More Strength

Double braided nylon and inter-women ends design


◎ Material: high quality Nylon fiber and HT polyester cover
◎ Elongation Percentage: up to 30%

◎ Heat resistance: Great
◎ Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
◎ Fatigue resistance: Very Good


14mm Breaking Strength 4T
ATVs, UTVs, and ATV snow plows

16mm Breaking Strength 6T
Side by Side ATVs

19mm Breaking Strength 8T
Light Weight: Cars, 4x4s, & SUVs

22mm Breaking Strength 11T
Mid Weight: Cars, 4x4s, & SUVs

Note: 1. Our rope size range from 14mm to 38mm, also can do 3m, 6m, 9m or other custom lengths.
2. It can be made in custom colors and eyelet sizes


Kinetic Recovery Rope is the safest and easiest product for dynamic vehicle rescue when a vehicle is stuck in mud, sand or snow.

It is the best product to unstuck your vehicle. It has one end attached to the stuck vehicle and the other end attached to the pulling vehicle.

As the pulled 4×4 off road vehicle moves forward, the kinetic recovery rope uses the slack of the rope to generate power and tension.

The kinetic rope jacket protect the core rope from debris and dirt, which can cause excessive wear and tear if the cords get caught between the fibers. It carries a portion of the recovered load, allowing the load to be distributed evenly.

It is also widely used for rock climbing, marine and farming etc.


For four-wheel drive recovery

Step1: Check and choose the right size of kinetic rope

Step2: Find the right recovery point for vehicle frame

Step 3: Install the kinetic rope on the tow point

Step4: Gain momentum

Step5: Start to Stretch

Step6: The stucked vehicle is pulled out

ATTENTION: When towing with kinetic recovery rope, please note you NEVER connect the kinetic recovery rope with ball hitch, tie-down hook, bull bar bumper, suspension parts, vehicle axle or other sharp and rusted parts.


our kinetic recovery rope is made in China. As one of the earliest china rope manufacturers, we have focused on producing performance synthetic rope for more than 16 years.

Kinetic energy recovery rope (also called as snatch rope, dynamic rope ) is designed to have a high stretch rate. It can transfer the kinetic energy generated to the stuck vehicle smoothly to help it unstuck from the trap and minimize shock force.

Since our kinetic energy rope can stretch up to 30%, it can reduce the shock load on the vehicle when towing it from sand, mud or snow. When the kinetic energy rope is elongated to the maximum stretch, its stored energy will be transferred to the stuck vehicle, eventually pulling the vehicle out.

1. The best way to take care of the kinetic rope is to use a rope bag, which can keep the rope from chemical smell or dirt.

2. Don’t expose the rope in the sun for a long time, don’t step on it, don’t let stones or small things stick into the rope. Keep the rope in a dry and cold place.

3. If the rope is dirty, make sure to wash it with non-chemicals.

Typically, we believe that your synthetic winch rope will lose about 1.6-2% of the rope’s rated strength each year. According to this rule, a winch rope that has been used for 10 years will lose about 16-20% of its rated capacity, which reminds you that you should replace your synthetic winch rope. Please also note that the service life also depends on how often you use it and whether the usage environment is harsh.

Yes, kinetic recovery rope is design to stretch. It is made to high stretch about 30%.

Frankly speaking, the exact warranty time is not easy to give. As you know, the service life has a lot to do with the use environment and operation instruction. If you use it in a good environment and do normal care, kinetic rope can be used for 3~4 years or longer.

Frankly speaking, the exact warranty time is not easy to give. As you know, the service life has a lot to do with the use environment and operation instruction. If you use it in a good environment and do normal care, kinetic recovery rope can be used for 3~4 years or longer.

Any warranty claim must be accompanied by 1. proof of purchase and 2 full details of the defect(including pictures or videos)

We will not compensate if it is caused by human error

Yes, Our kinetic recovery rope can be customized in different diameters, lengths and colors. Can be made with other accessories as well.

First of all, our equipment has the function of automatic detection, when there is a process problem there will be an alarm.

Secondly, we have appearance inspection process to check whether the coloring and the appearance of the product meet the standard requirements.

Finally, we will sample each batch of rope for internal break tensile testing or entrust a third-party to test. to eliminate the flow of unqualified products and ensure that only qualified kinetic recovery rope can be shipped to customers.

The answer is “YES“. We can provide OEM services and private labeling upon request. We require very low minimum order quantities and can provide you with a cost effective service.

Yes, the recovery kit can be customized with kinetic recovery rope, soft shackle, steel shackle, fairlead, gloves and shovel etc.

It depends on purchase quantity. For example, 100 pieces of 22mm*9m winch rope, it can be finished within 22 days.

Usually we will put the finished ropes into plastic bags and put labels with written size of the winch rope on it, then put them into carton boxes and mark the rope size and quantity on the carton boxes for easy identification. We can also do custom packaging upon request.

We can transport the packed goods by sea, air, land and rail upon request. Usually by air, it takes about 3~5days. By sea, it will take 20~35days, by rail, it takes 30~45days, by land, 5~15days. We will ensure goods can be delivered on time.

Yes, sample rope is available. Contact Us and get it now.