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Off Road Recovery Strap

The straps (webbing) are used a lot for 4×4 off road recovery. As the essentional recover gear in your recovery kit, we have developed recovery strap such as snatch strap, tow strap, tree trunk protector and winch extension strap for different purposes of use.

Snatch Strap

√ Good heat resistance
√ Flexible and very easy to handle
√ High Tensile Strength
√ Creat a safe recovery effect
√ Low cost for recovery


Rehoboth nylon snatch strap is made from 100% hi-tenacity nylon webbing, generating a kinetic towing force like a rubber band and help the 4×4 vehicle unstuck from sand, mud and snow.



Rehoboth nylon snatch strap has a lot of benefits for 4×4 recovery:

  • Genuine Elasticity: ≥20% , allows it to stretch and return to its original length
  • Adjustable, protective sleeves on both ends protect against abrasion.
  • Nylon fiber is stronger and lighter than chain
  • Useful, convenient and easy to use and hassle free replacement
  • Reinforced loop ends for durability, reusable strap for easy storage.
  • Much lighter and easier to transport than towing chains
  • Weather and scratch resistant allows for a lifetime of use


Up to 800%

Lighter than steel wire rope in same diameter

Up to 300%

Easier to use and handle

Up to 900%

Stronger than steel rope weight for weight


◎ Material: high quality nylon fiber
◎ Color: white
◎ Elongation: ≥20%


Min Breaking Strength
Min Breaking Strength
50 3 or 6 or 9 5,000 11,000 3 or 6 or 9
60 3 or 6 or 9 8,000 17,600 ≥ 20% white
75 3 or 6 or 9 10,000 22,000 ≥ 20% white

Other sizes are available on request.
our winch rope extension can be customized into different lengths and diameters as requirement.


The Nylon Snatch Straps made from 100% high tenacity nylon. with more
Than 20% genuine stretch and reinforced double-stitched loops. great for
situations where you may need to get a running start and traction
all around is not so great. used a lot for four wheel drive and overland.

Our nylon snatch straps come with reinforced eye loops and protective
sleeves. When it comes to vehicle towing, nylon snatch straps with high
stretch are safer than polyester straps.

The straps can be potentially dangerous , must always be kept on high alert


our nylon snatch strap is made in China. As one of the earliest china rope manufacturers, we have focused on producing performance synthetic rope and webbing for more than 16 years.

1. Make sure you find the right recovery point or operators can be injured or killed by flying objects if the nylon recovery strap is not properly installed
2. NEVER install recovery strap to vehicle parts like tow balls, tow bars, tie-down points or other rusted parts.
3. BEFORE doing a vehicle recovery all passengers must get out of vehicles and stand away as far as possible.

Our tow strap is made of nylon 66, same raw material with kinetic recovery rope. can stretch up to 25%.

1. Use protective sleeve to protect the webbing from direct friction with objects that could lead to aging and cut-off.

2. If there is sand into the webbing, you should promptly clean and dry it.

3. When not in use, it is best to put it in the recovery bag.

Yes, Our nylon snatch strap can be customized in different widths, lengths and lables

First of all, our equipment has the function of automatic detection, when there is a process problem there will be an alarm.

secondly, we have appearance inspection process to check whether the coloring and the appearance of the product meet the standard requirements.

finally, we will sample each batch of rope for internal break tensile testing or entrust a third-party to test. to eliminate the flow of unqualified products and ensure that only qualified tow strap can be shipped to customers.

The answer is “YES”. We can provide OEM services and private labeling upon request. We require very low minimum order quantities and can provide you with a cost effective service. Let us make your own branded straps now.

Yes, the recovery bag can be customized with nylon tow strap, soft shackle, D Ring Shackle, snatch ring, fairlead, snatch block, gloves and shovel etc.

It depends on purchase quantity. For example, 100 pieces of 10T 9M nylon strap, it can be finished within 8 days.

Usually we will put the finished ropes into plastic sealing bags and put labels with written size of the nylon strap on it, then put them into carton boxes and mark the strap size and quantity on the carton boxes for easy identification. We can also do custom packaging upon request.

We can transport the packed goods by sea, air, land and rail upon request. Usually by air, it takes about 3~5days. By sea, it will take 20~35days, by rail, it takes 30~45days, by land, 5~15days. We will ensure goods can be delivered on time.

Yes, sample rope is available. Contact Us and get it now.



tree saver

Rehoboth tow strap is made from low stretch 100% polyester. Designed to tow & pull

Free-moving vehicles behind another vehicle.

  • Less stretchy
  • High towing capacity
  • Lighter than chain and rope equipment.
  • Reinforced eyelets for secure connection.
  • UV and Abrasion resistant

Ideal for to recovering stuck powersports atv,utv,truck,vans Cars and
agricultural vehicles.
the polyester tow strap can be made into 6m9m,12m or other lengths
breaking strength 5T,8T,10,12T or else.


1.the recovery points should be strong and secure
2. Avoid direct contact with sharp objects and check before use.
3. Always keep polyester tow strap clean and store it in a bag after use.
4. Do not attempt to exceed the rated capacity of the strap



Rehoboth equalizer strap(bridle strap) is made from 100% polyester a lightweight non-stretch strap that is designed to evenly distribute the weight on your vehicle during your recovery operation when connected to 2 recovery points. Allows safe movement of four-wheel drive vehicles

  • Light and easy to use.
  • polyester webbing resists abrasion
  • Resistant to UV damage and chemicals.
  • Reinforced eyelets for safe connection
  • Eye and seam protector sleeves keep strap in safe working order
  • equally distribute the load on the vehicle over two connection points.

Application:For towing heavy truck, off road vehicle, tractors etc.
The equalizer strap can be made into 2m,3m,5mm or other lengths breaking strength 5T,8T,10 or else.

  • Avoid direct contact with sharp edges and check before use.
  • Use a protective sleeve for protecting the strap when recovery
  • Always keep equalizer strap clean and store it in a bag after use.
  • Do not attempt to exceed the rated capacity of the strap



The tree trunk protector, also called tree saver strap, is made from industrial-grade polyester webbing.
It’s designed to help rig your winch rope to a tree, provide a safe anchor point when using the winch.
it also prevent damage or cuts to a live tree trunk.


1.Excellent abrasion resistance
2. Great resistance to fraying and tearing
3.Reinforced end loops ensure a high towing capacity
4. Avoid direct contact with the winch line
5. Minimize stretch
6. Can be used as a mounting point for a snatch block
7. Replacement for chains and wire ropes
8. Avoid potential accident

Can be used together with d-ring shackle, snatch block and winch rope or soft shackle, snatch ring and winch rope the tree saver strap can be made into 3m,6m,9m or other lengths breaking strength 5T,8T,10 or else.
All our tree trunk protector strap can be custom made Please let us know the details you want.

◎ Always choose a strong and steady tree when using a tree trunk protector
◎ Use a protective sleeve for tree skin to avoid damage to the tree
◎ Always keep tree saver strap clean and store it in a bag after use.
◎ Do not attempt to exceed the rated capacity of the strap

Winch Extension Strap


Rehoboth winch extension strap is made from 100% polyester
It is a lightweight non-stretch strap that is ideal for extending
the length your winch rope, cable or snatch strap. can help you
find the suitable anchor recovery point when your winch rope
is not long enough


1.Ensure minimum stretch when off road recovery
2. Reinforced eyelets to ensure maximum strength
3. Easy to store and use
4. Lightweight
5. Prolong your winch cable
6. Avoid potential accident
7.Suitable for hand or electric winch

recovery strap

Can be used together with hook and shackle
Standard size:
10m x 50mm Winch Extension Strap
20m x 50mm Winch Extension Strap
30m x 50mm Winch Exension Strap
Breaking strength can be 5T,8T,10 or else

  • Avoid direct contact with sharp edges and check before use.
  • Use a protective sleeve for protecting the strap when recovery
  • Always keep winch extension strap clean and store it in a bag after use.
  • Do not attempt to exceed the rated capacity of the strap