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Our synthetic ropes are delivered to customers around the world and are trusted in a wide range of industries, including 4×4 off road, winches, military, leisure marine, lifting, mooring & tug. Our mission is to transform heavy wire rope to lightweight, high-performance synthetic rope. Making your job easier, lighter and safer than traditional ways.

4×4 Off Road

Performance synthetic rope for 4×4 recovery and overland adventure. our products such as synthetic winch cable, soft shackle,winch extension rope,kinetic recovery rope,tow straps and other recovery gear hardware and accessories. to make sure you enjoy offroad/overland adventure and get your vehicle unstuck from mud,sand and snow.

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Synthetic Rope for winch made of 12 strand UHMWPE fiber is lightweight,strong and easy to work with. it has extreme abrasion and durability in double braid winch rope. suits to applications like offroad electric winch,marine winch, trailer winch, cable pulling winch, gliders winch etc. synthetic rope is also a low-risk alternative to steel cable.

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Made of high-modulus polyethylene. minimal slippage & creep, high strength.with the increasing demand in hauling programs,synthetic telecom hauling ropes are using a lot recently. for performance, a good choice to update traditional polyester rope as safety or longevity.can be custom-made in various sizes as requirements.

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Leisure Marine

Synthetic Yacht and Sailing Rope in UHMWPE are leight weight and float on water.Plus has good resistance to water, UV and chemicals.the HT polyester jacket provide great abrasion resistance. unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio make it perfect for Captive winch rope,Control lines,Cascades etc.

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Mooring and Tug

synthetic mooring and tug rope made of lightweight 12strand uhwpe fiber. easier to handle and don’t require much manpower than steel wire rope. improve safety and avoid the less stress-related injuries. a great alternative to wire line and traditional synthetic ropes. apply for a wide range from yacht,sailing boat to large vessels and port turnarouds.

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Heavy Lifting

synthetic sling mad of UHMWPE fiber is a new solution for offshore or onshore lifting work. compared to steel wire ropes, it’s lightweight and easy to handle, but offering extremely higher lifting capacities. it offer the same strength at 1/7th of the weight of steel equivalent. traditinal polyester synthetic sling is also available.

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High-performance synthetic rope is lightweight, high strength and can make military works be easier and faster,where saving time means saving’s also a good replacement for traditional wire rope. so can improve efficiency and reduced aircraft weight. can be used as vehicle tow strop, helicopter long line, winch line. can be custom-made for special project.

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General Purpose

Polyester twisted rope,nylon double braided rope, twisted sisal rope, polyethylene rope(PE),Polypropylene Rope(PP) commonly used for fishing,boat and other general marine applications frequent use.

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