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Soft Shackle

√ Only 1/7 weight of steel shackle at same breaking strength
√ One piece construction – no pins to fasten!
√ Flexible and easy to handle
√ High Breaking Strength
√ A safer alternative to metal shackle


The Soft Shackle offers a stronger, safer and lighter alternative to the traditional steel shackle. Made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWPE). Due to its high strength and flexibility, widely used for 4×4 off-road recovery, boating, camping, farming, mining, etc.

Customer Testimonial


Rehoboth soft shackle is a great stainless steel D-shackle alternative and many benefits are provided:

• Low stretch
• Outstanding durability and abrasion
• Easy to install and store
• Lighter than traditional steel shackle

• High UV and chemical resistance
• Made of strongest synthetic fiber, high breaking strength.
• The lightweight design makes it safer than steel shackle when broken

• Good Fit with recovery strap, snatch ring, hitch receiver and other accessories
• Great replacement for steel bow shackle.


2 times

Eaiser to use and save working time

7 times

Lighter than steel at same breaking strength

3 times

Stronger at the same weight


◎ Material: UHMWPE fiber
◎ Elongation Percentage: 3%~5%
◎ Melting Point: 150º C
◎ Water Absorption: None

◎ UV Resistance: Excellent
◎ Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
◎ Chemical Resistance: Very Good


Dimeter(mm) 5 6 7 8 9 9.5 10 11 12 14 16 18
Avg Breakload(ton) 2.95 4.76 6.78 9.30 11.25 12.00 13.60 15.20 18.00 22.60 28.00 35.00
Avg Breakload(lbs) 6,500 10,500 14,950 20,500 24,800 26,500 29,900 33,500 39,670 49,800 61,700 77,500
Colors Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted  Assorted

Soft shackle can be made into various colors, such as blue, red, green, purple, black, orange, etc..
It can also be made in two mixed colors. All soft shackles are available in protective sleeves and can also be fitted with polyester covers upon request.


◎ ATV& UTV vehicle towing
◎ Camping
◎ Climbing
◎ Agriculture
◎ Overland
◎ Mining
◎ Marine
◎ Lifting( safety factor 5:1)


Step1: Passing the soft shackle through tow point
Step2: Loosen and slide off the loop over the knot to open the soft shackle.
Step3: Put the knot into the loop.
Step4: Loop the eye of soft shackle and pull it tightly.

WARN: When towing with synthetic soft shackle, please note you NEVER connect the synthetic soft shackle with ball hitch, tie-down hook, bull bar bumper, suspension parts, vehicle axle or other sharp and rusted parts.


Double Braided Synthetic Shackle Enhanced abrasion resistance Extend service life
Synthetic Shackle + Winch Rope
Soft connection and more flexible and safer than hard hook
Synthetic Shackle + Snatch Ring
make off-road recovery safer & easier reduces operator injuries and rope damage
Synthetic Shackle + Hitch Receiver Compact and robust construction Unstuck from snow or mud


We ensure only qualified soft shackle are released from our warehouse

6MM Breaking Strength: 30.8KN
10MM Breaking Strength: 91.5KN
12MM Breaking Strength: 131.3KN
For rope test videos, check our YOUTUBE channel


Our soft shackle is made in China. As one of the earliest china rope manufacturers, we have focused on producing performance synthetic rope for more than 16 years.

Compared to traditional D or steel bow shackles, soft shackles are designed to be a safer, lighter and easier to use alternative. By using a soft shackle, heavy metal shackle can be removed from your recovery kit.

The soft shackle floats as they are made of synthetic UHMWPE fiber(known as dyneema). it will make you no worries abot losting it in mud or watery environments during offroad recovery. Can be used in other applications as it’s flexible and easy to handle.

If you see scuffs or cuts on the shackle, or fluffy fibers, replace it with a new one instantly. Usually, the soft shackle need to be replaced after 3-4 years of use, even if they do not appear to be damaged.

It’s made of uhmwpe fiber,so they have very low elongation about 3.5%.

Yes, our synthetic soft shackle can be used for overhead lifting. However, please note that the safety factor is 1:5, for example, a soft shackle with MBL(minimum breaking strength) of 10T can only lift objects of 2T.

If you use it in a good environment and do normal care like changing the protective sleeve when damaged, the shackle can be used for about 3~4 years or longer.

1. Use sheaths to protect the fibers from direct friction with objects that could lead to aging and cut-off.
2. If there is sand into the fiber, you should promptly clean and dry it.
3. When not in use, it is best to put it in the recovery bag.

Yes, Our synthetic soft shackle can be customized in different diameters, lengths and colors. Customized accessories are available, such as snatch rings, Hitch receivers, etc.

First, our equipment has the function of automatic detection, when there is a process problem there will be an alarm.

Secondly, We check the color and appearance of our products to make sure they meet our standards..

Finally, we will check the quality through breaking strength test. To ensure that only qualified synthetic soft shackle are shipped to our customers.

The answer is “YES“. We can provide OEM services and private labeling upon request. We require very low minimum order quantities and can provide you with a cost effective service. We would like make you some different ones.

Yes, the recovery bag can be customized with synthetic winch rope ,tree protector, snatch ring, tow strap, gloves and shovel etc.

It depends on purchase quantity. For example, 100 pieces of 10mm soft shackle, it can be finished within 7 days.

Usually we will put the finished ropes into plastic bags and put labels with written size of the soft shackle on it, then put them into carton boxes and mark the shackle size and quantity on the carton boxes for easy identification. We can also do custom packaging upon request.

We can transport the packed goods by sea, air, land and rail upon request. Usually by air, it takes about 3~5days. By sea, it will take 20~35days, by rail, it takes 30~45days, by land, 5~15days. We will ensure goods can be delivered on time.

Yes, sample shackle is available. Contact Us and get it now.