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What is the difference between soft shackle and steel shackle?

shackle as an indispensable accessory for trailer rescue, its role is equally important, used together with trailer tow rope and trailer connection to help the vehicle out of trouble.

The common material of shackle is divided into two kinds, one is carbon steel material, commonly known as “metal U-hook”; one is dyneema rope material, usually called “soft shackle”. Their function is the same, so in contrast, what is the difference between soft shackle and steel shackle?

Synthetic Soft Shackle


synthetic soft shackle, the material is made of high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE), which is often referred to as nylon material. regarding Off-road recovery, in addition to our practicality, there are two points are very important, that is, safety and portability, high-density fiber braided rope often has such advantages.

Carbon Steel Shackle



Metal Shakcle, material using solid carbon steel, compared to ordinary steel, it has 6 times breaking strength, so it’s heavy than synthetic shackle. The biggest feature of steel shackle is sturdy and durable. Metal shackle should be selected for use according to the models. there are different sizes for chosen.

Can soft shackle replace the hard steel shackle?

Although the soft shackle is light, but breaking tension is big enough for off-road recovery. If tow rope or winch rope unexpectedly break during recovery process, it will not cause rebound damage.

However, the soft shackle can not completely replace the metal shackle. Regular rope is not wear-resistant and there are safety risks, so you need to  choose wear-resistant uhmwpe material. during vehicle recovery, if there are some sharp edges of the metal joints, the synthetic shackle is easy to break by constant friction, and with the steel shackle can be used in such special circumstances without any worries。


The difference between synthetic shackle and steel shackle?

Recovery Effect

Soft shackle using lightweight waterproof UHWMPE material, there are big recovery space in the mud and water , floating in the water, eye-catching color make it easier to be found. but some metal shackle is easy to rust, if lost during recovery, it’s difficult to find it out and waste the time of recovery。

Easy to install

Soft shackle adopts one-piece rope structure, very easy to install and disassemble after use. And the use of steel shackle is relatively troublesome, need to install the protective cover, remove the safety tip, install screw, disassembly also need laborious.


In the offroad recovery, if you use soft shackle, even if it breaks, that does not matter much. But steel shackle is different,

Rebound force generated when broken or because it is not tightened off the tip, it is easy to hit the windshield and cause damge, so generally when use the metal shackle, you’d better use it together with safety damper

Range of use

Soft shackle can be used in combination with a variety of scenarios, in addition to the common tow rope, but also with winch rope, tree saver etc., that means it has wide range of recovery and towing, even for self-help during off-road adventure. The fixity of the steel shackle limit more possibilities.

In a word, the function of both products is to be used as an intermediate medium for towing and recovery, which can realize off-road towing. Soft shackle is wear-resistant and lightweight and also safer to use. Hard steel shackles are strong and rigid, and have an irreplaceable role in extreme recovery environments when encounter sharp fixing points.

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