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What Recovery Gear Do You Require For Overland And Why Need Them?

There are a range of overland recovery gear kits sets on the marketplace for any range of off road winching and recovery purposes. They typically include a mix of:

1.Tow Strap

2.Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope(Snatch Strap)

3.Tree Trunk Protector

4.Steel Shackle Or Soft Shackle

5. Winching Gloves

6.Snatch Block Or Santch Ring,

Off Road Accessories & Hardware

8.Winch Rope Extension

9.Off-Road Shovel


recovery strap

Why Use Tow Strap?

Tow straps are created towing freely-moving transport automobiles behind another vehicle. Tow strap can be with end-metal hooks and also are not meant to be used for recovering stuck cars because of them being less stretchy.

Why Use Kinetic Recovery Rope?

Kinetic engery recovery are made to stretch, to smoothly transfer the kinetic energy of a recovering vehicle to an automobile that is stuck. The ability of a Kinetic recovery Rope to stretch is what makes it one-of-a-kind and also what sets it apart from a non-elastic tow rope or tow strap.

tree saver

Why Use Tree Trunk Protector?

A tree trunk protector, also known as a tree saver, is made of polyester webbing, as well as is developed to gear your winch rope to a strong object, like a tree

the tree saver secures a tree from the damages brought on by a winch rope. Yet, it additionally protects you from a possible accident. If the winch rope cuts too deep into the tree or breaks without protective gear, it can threaten everyone’s safety and security.

steel shackle imageWhy Use Shackle?

It helps distribute the force in recovery situations where the angle of pull on the shackle could transform as a vehicle is pulled offers more space in its rounded body for chains and also straps which will certainly be used to recover stuck automobiles


winch gloveWhy Use Winching Gloves?

Winching Gloves supply exceptional fit as well as security. These gloves are created to help shield your hands from the sharp barbs and abrasion that may happen when dealing with rope

snatch block 

Why Use Snatch Block?

Snag blocks enable you to alter the direction of a winch line by off-setting the support point, allowing you to pull in a three-point motion. Strong and durable, snatch blocks are optimal for transferring loads over short distance and are typically made use of in recovery circumstances

winch damper

Why Use Winch Damper?

Winch Damper assists to avoid rope recoil in the event of a rope failure. While rope failing does not occur usually, this damper will help the rope be up to the ground if such an event were to happen.


Why Use Winch Rope Extension?

occasionally having simply a winch is not enough. A Winch Extension Rope safely prolongs the size of your winch rope sufficient to reach your desired recovery or anchor point

offroad shovel

Why Use Off-Road Shovel?

off-road shovel will aid you break through difficult dust, mud, sand, loosened rock, and also ice if the circumstance requires it. An excellent shovel will certainly allow you to dig around your tires to relieve strain from your winch or being pulled out by an additional vehicle in a recovery circumstance.


the recovery gear in your off road recovery kit can assist you promote the recovering of your vehicle from a stuck positioning or to navigate tough driving terrain throughout overland traveling or other off-road driving situations. It makes your over landing or off road recovery much easier, safer as well as smarter.

We also proivde custom recovery gear kit upon customer’s request. Contact Us for more details.



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