telecom post The high tensile strength of UHMWPE rope can effectively increase the load. Its low elongation can effectively control the arc sag, so that under load, the drop of the arc sag is as small as possible to ensure that the clearance between the network sealing device and the live power line meets the safety requirements.

UHMWPE Telecom Hauling rope’s good insulation and moisture resistance can ensure the safety of people and equipment during live construction.

The UHMWPE Telecom Hauling rope of the jacket bag is not affected by the breeze vibration, and there is no effect of broken strands and strength reduction.

UHMWPE Telecom Hauling rope is light in weight. Under the same breaking tensile strength condition, UHMWPE rope’s weight per meter is only 15% of steel wire rope. Using UHMWPE rope is conducive to reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

UHMWPE Telecom Hauling rope has good characteristics of fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance, which are conducive to recycling in spanning construction.

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