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Why use the offroad Damper on the recovery rope

What is the use of the offroad Damper on the recovery rope? Why should the recovery tow rope be Dampened?

About off-road recovery ropes, every off-road guy is very familiar with it, but do you understand its importance? When we fall into a chicken nest, hang diagonally on a sand slope, or mount on a knife edge, or roll over during the off-road drive, it is essential. Today, let’s talk more details in this article.

Why there must a offroad Damper on a off-road tow rope(winch rope)?

There is an indispensable tool in rescue, that is “bulletproof rope Damper”. Especially in extreme rescue, whether you use a tow off road recovery strap, winch wire or synthetic winch rope.  it will break due to huge force under strong drag.

recovery strap nylon

There are a lot of accidents happened due to rope breaking while towing. it remind everyone that we must use the safety Damper at the center of the recovery tow rope to avoid breaking of the tow rope due to excessive force, and the broken recovery tow rope will fly back due to elasticity. Injury to surrounding people or vehicles.

winch damper

You must put the cable Damper on the tow rope

2. What is the use of the cable Damper on the off-road tow rope?

1. The cable Damper on the off-road tow rope can prevent the tow rope(winch rope) from breaking due to strong force, and can effectively prevent the broken tow rope and buckle from causing damage to surrounding people and vehicles.

2. The offroad Damper on the off-road tow rope can be used to remind surrounding vehicles, let the driver pay attention to the tow rope, and avoid unnecessary accidents.

In a word, it ensure the safety while towing a vehicle and avoid serious accidents happened in off-road drive.

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