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Our Misson

To provide the highest quality synthetic winch rope and the most effective winching solution possible. our products are designed to be lightweight and strong so that they are not only easy to use but safe as well.

UHMWPE Winch Rope

Single braided winch rope is made of synthetic 12 strand UHMWPE(compare to dyneema, spectra or amsteel). double braided rope is with jacket in polyester or uhmwpe fiber. Developed for various applications to make a safer,ligther,stronger and low-risk alternative to steel cable, chains or traditional synthetic ropes.

√ Material: synthetic UHMWPE fiber
√ Construction: 12strands
√ Specific Gravity: 0.975
√ Melting Point : 150º C
√ Single Braided & Double Braided


Our winch rope is made of 12strand UHMPE fiber(compare to dyneema, spectra or amsteel). it has very low stretch and 1/7 lighter,but has as much strength as steel cable. safter and easier to handle. good replacement for steel winch rope for most of same applications. Can be made with spliced eyes and protective sleeve. Fittings like hook or stainless thimble can be provided as required.


◎ Extremely high strength
◎ Great abrasion resistance
◎ Extremely low stretch
◎ Less than 1/7 the weight of steel wire rope
◎ Tremendous stability against UV light
◎ Resistant to chemicals

◎ Longer life and easy handling
◎ Easy to splice and inspect
◎ It stores very little energy, therefore has little backlash if broken, improving safety
◎ Good replacement for steel cable & other synthetic ropes


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Breaking Strength
Breaking Strength
 8  5/16  4.10 40.00 ± 5%  6.35 63.00
 10 13/32  6.10 61.00 ± 5%  9.32 93.00
12 1/2 8.80 87.00 ± 5% 12.12 121.00
14 9/16 12.00 119.00 ± 5% 15.40 153.00
16 5/8 15.50 151.00 ± 5% 20.60 205.00
18 3/4 19.00 119.00 ± 5% 23.90 238.00
20 13/16 23.00 225.00 ± 5% 28.99 289.00
22 7/8 28.00 276.00 ± 5% 33.00 322.00
24 1 37.00 368.00 ± 5% 38.00 371.00
28 1 1/2 50.00 490.00 ± 5% 57.50 562.00
32 1 5/16 62.50 621.00 ± 5% 68.50 671.00
36 1 1/2 77.00 767.00 ± 5% 80.40 789.00
44 1 3/4 96.00 955.00 ± 5% 118.00 1,158.00
48 2 114.00 1137.00 ± 5% 139.00 1,364.00
56 2 1/4 159.00 1547.00 ± 5% 184.00 1,805.00
64 2 5/8 209.00 2021.00 ± 5% 222.00 2,178.00
72 3 268.00 2598.00 ± 5% 274.00 2,688.00
88 3 5/8 427.00 4170.00 ± 5% 390.00 3,825.00

Other sizes are available on request.


Q: What is a winch rope made of?

Winch ropes can be crafted from a variety of materials, including synthetic fibers, wire rope, and steel cable.

Q: What is a synthetic winch rope?

A: Synthetic winch rope is made from materials such as Dyneema, Spectra, or UHMWPE and is lighter, stronger, and safer than traditional wire ropes or steel cables.

Q: Can I use a winch rope for other purposes?

A: While winch ropes are designed specifically for winching, they can be used for other applications such as tying down cargo or securing equipment, also used for cable pulling,trawl warps , gilson lines,4×4 off road,rescue and towing, Marine & Yachting  gliders and paragliders

Q: What is the difference between a steel winch cable and a winch rope?

A: Winch cables are typically made from steel wire and are heavier and more durable than winch ropes. Winch ropes are lighter and more flexible.

Q: How much weight can a winch rope hold?

The weight capacity of a synthetic rope for winch is determined by a combination of factors, such as the rope’s material, diameter, and length.It’s important to refer to your winch manufacturer’s guidelines for weight capacity.

Q: What is a winch rope stopper?

A: A winch rope stopper is a device that prevents the winch hook from pulling all the way through the fairlead and damaging the winch or vehicle. It also helps to keep tension on the winch rope during recovery.

Q: Can I use a winch rope for snow plowing?

A: While winch ropes can be used for snow plowing, they may not be suitable for heavy-duty applications due to the weight of the snow and the potential for damage to the rope. It’s best to consult with a winch specialist or refer to your winch manufacturer’s guidelines.

Q: What is a winch rope fairlead?

A winch rope fairlead is an essential device that ensures smooth and safe operation during winching. It guides the rope onto the winch drum and helps to prevent damage or tangling. Different types of fairleads are available, such as roller fairleads, hawse fairleads, and aluminum fairleads, each suited to specific applications and preferences.

Q: How do I install a winch rope on winch?

A: Winch rope installation varies depending on the type of winch and rope you are using. It’s important to refer to your winch and rope manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation.

Q: How do I prevent winch rope from fraying?

A: Winch ropes can fray due to repeated use, contact with sharp objects, or exposure to the elements. To prevent fraying, it’s important to regularly inspect your winch rope for signs of wear and tear and replace it if necessary. You can also use protective sleeves or covers to prevent damage to the rope.

Q: Can I use a winch rope with an electric winch?

A: Winch ropes can be used with both electric and hydraulic winches, but it’s important to ensure that the rope is compatible with the winch and that the winch has sufficient capacity for the weight of the load.

Q: What is the difference between a synthetic winch rope and a steel cable?

A: Synthetic winch ropes are lighter, stronger, and safer than steel cables, and are less likely to kink, rust, or develop sharp burrs. They are also easier to handle and store. However, steel cables are more durable and can withstand more abrasion and wear.

Q: Can I use a winch rope for water recovery?

A: While winch ropes can be used for water recovery, they may not be suitable for prolonged exposure to water or saltwater. It’s important to refer to your winch and rope manufacturer’s guidelines for water recovery and maintenance.